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New Photograph Proves ET Hypothesis

Supports "Friendly Alien" Theory

SPI PARIS, FRANCE - A photograph recently discovered among various documents and letters thought to have once been the property of author and philosopher John-Paul Sartre has managed to excite dozens of analysts and researchers who are convinced that it depicts an alien creature standing next to a flying saucer.  It was purchased by an anonymous bidder at an estate sale of items recently discovered at a Shurgard Self Storage facility in Paris and Ile-de-France and subsequently declared to be abandoned property.  It was believed by the organizers of the auction to have been the property of 1964 Nobel Laureate for Literature John-Paul Sartre, because a signed copy of Henri Bergson's essay "Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness" was discovered amongst other items.  It was inscribed, "To John-Paul:  You seem like a good guy, so I'm going to tell you a secret.  You will never make any money with a degree in Philosophy.  Whether it's a Masters or a Doctorate isn't even relevant, because the only meaningful thing your degree will ever represent is how much of your life you wasted in the pursuit of idiocy.  Thanks for coming to the reading, and have a great life."

The photograph itself has been analyzed in some depth by a number of experts in the context of modern ufology, including members of the Belgian UFO investigative group SOBEPS, Professor Marc Acheroy, Frangois Louange, a specialist in satellite imagery with the French national space research center, Dr. Richard Haines, a former senior scientist with NASA, and Professor Andre Marion, doctor of nuclear physics and professor at the University of Paris-Sud.  These scientists are famous for their in-depth analysis of a photograph taken in Petit Rechain, Belgium in April, 1990 by an anonymous twenty-year-old man.  Their ground-breaking discussion of the Petit Rechain photo, especially in regard to its highly credible nature as representative of the 1989-1990 wave of UFO sightings in Belgium, contrasts favorably with their analysis of the Sartre photo.  Both are clearly important in the history of UFO photo analysis, and both represent the primarily scientific examination of media designed to assist the scientific community to reach valid conclusions in regard to UFOs and their inherent technological characteristics.  The contents of their recent Sartre photo report are, however, especially startling: 
The high-contrast and washed-out colors that are immediately notable to the lowliest observer could only occur in the presence of a light fusion drive encompassed by a series of gravity dampers connected in parallel and fully synchronized under a high-positron yield energy refraction system.  This is huge -- it's revolutionary!  As such, it proves absolutely and without the necessity for debate that not only do UFOs originate from a location outside of our solar system, they are also capable of travelling between galaxies.
In the first appendix of this report, Dr. Richard Haines, former senior scientist with NASA, insists that
nothing like this can be manufactured by humans.  This advanced technology isn't merely a couple of generations beyond our capabilities; we're talking about thousands of years ahead of our current abilities.  Even the most basic understanding of the technology this craft uses for intergalactic navigation is beyond human capability.  Not even string theory can account for this type of high-tech spatial travel.  We're talking about the possibility of melting down literally dozens of dimensional rifts simply to produce the energy necessary for this craft to fly just a few dozen miles in our atmosphere.  God alone knows much would be required to fly a million light years through empty space.  Well, God and the aliens who built it, anyway. 
If you take these tenets to their natural conclusion, I believe you would also be forced to accept the reality of the multi-universe theory.  The only possible way you can account for the actual movement and flight that this flying saucer is clearly intended to achieve is by recognizing the necessity for a power source that literally consumes adjacent universes, and releases that immense energy in controlled bursts of coalescing fields of dark matter that may even be associated with quasar phenomena.  It should be obvious to even the least educated among us that we have now passed all the way through the looking glass.  And that, too, requires a lot of energy.  We're not going to get there on just a few gallons of dinosaur poop, boys and girls.

New "Sartre photo" ends debate on ET
Another analyst devoted to the importance of the Sartre photo is Christopher Montgomery, famous for his eye-opening analysis of photos used by the 1967 Colorado UFO Study, which was responsible for the USAF's determination that UFOs are natural phenomenon and need not be investigated by any component of the U.S. Department of Defense.  Some paragraphs of Montgomery's separate report of his examination of the Sartre photo are almost word-for-word duplicates of elements typical of his report regarding the Colorado UFO Study photos:

The asymmetrical character of the UFO indicates that it is somewhere between our dimension and the next.  The harsh outlines and uneven coloring in the photograph fits in well with my conclusions regarding the craft's likely power source.  Fusion power could use deuterium fuel, which is readily available in ordinary tap water.  Through the process of nucleosynthesis, for example, the UFO's exhaust would be gamma radiation.  Gamma is a common byproduct of UFOs interacting within our environment.  The distortion of the craft's linear characteristics could easily be caused by a massive influx of gamma radiation originating in tap water.  This same phenomenon is implied in the structure of VaporFi e-cigarettes and vaporizers, which also releases an exhaust of water vapor and microscopic gamma stigmata.  The cloud-like exhaust in the Sartre photo makes this assertion extremely likely.
All of the reports strongly suggest the authors' opinions that the single alien standing next to his flying saucer is friendly in nature and therefore inclined to assist the populations of Earth to reach the summit of our ethical goals, including but certainly not limited to the attainment of world peace, the elimination of hunger and thirst, and the achievement by all of equal pay for equal jobs, regardless of sex, creed, or religion, but without the normally attendant destruction of sex, creed, or religion.  Oh, and also gun control.  Almost all aliens -- illegal as well as legal -- are willing to work with us to meet the noblest of our goals involving gun control.  Of all those individuals who were involved in the drafting of the reports analyzing the Sartre photo, Professor Marc Acheroy expresses the clearest opinion in regard to the decent and heartfelt character, as well as the steadfast and simple humanity of the alien in the photograph:  "He is obviously smiling, and his arms are open wide in the universal gesture of openness and good nature and aggressive welcome from one partner of intergalactic alliance to another, making any further debate on scientific terms a complete waste of time and effort.  Of course he's friendly.  Why the Hell wouldn't he be?  He landed in America!"

When it was pointed out to Acheroy that while the location depicted in the photograph was unknown, the photograph itself was discovered in France, amongst the property of a French philosopher and author who was well known for his stubborn refusal to travel anywhere, even within the borders of his own nation, his response was another universal gesture, albeit not one that could be mistaken for a symbol of openness and good nature and aggressive welcome.

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